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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fulton County Business Incubator Seeks Input

The Fulton Economic Development Corporation is conducting a survey on the feasibility of creating a business incubator in Fulton County. FEDCO Executive Director Terry Lee has invited the readers of the Our Valley Hometowns blog and newsletter to weigh in with their opinions.

Business incubators are buildings or business parks, often established with the help of state, federal, or private grants, that offer start-up businesses subsidized rent and access to shared spaces and resources (such as IT support, accounting services, etc.) They help launch small businesses -- both services and light industry -- not only by helping with start-up costs, but by creating the synergy and environment where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas.

We are particularly interested in the insights and experiences of Valley alumni who don't live in the community any longer. What have you seen work in your area? In particular, are you aware of any friends or family who would be interested in starting or relocating a business closer to "home," if the incentives were available? It only takes one or two to make a difference!

The survey takes only about ten minutes, and can provide valuable information to the community. Just click here:

FEDCO and Our Valley Hometowns thank you in advance for your participation.

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