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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Literacy at TVHS

 According to the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation’s hedgehog concept, student success can be achieved through character education, leadership, and literacy.  However, what many parents don’t know is that at the high school, reading is coordinated into unique activities such as SSR and “Fill Death Valley with Books.”

 Every day, students read in a program called SSR (Silent Sustained Reading), where they can read a book they enjoy for twenty minutes.  Also, every year, students can participate in “Fill Death Valley with Books”, a yearly event where kids can log the number of pages they read for a chance to go to an end-of-the-year pizza/movie party; and if a student is a top reader, they receive a Barnes and Noble gift card.  Sophomore Emily Shepherd, who placed second in last year’s competition, said that “it’s fun and it’s great for people to get something else out of reading besides great stories.” 

 So, literacy is guaranteed to be used in every high school student’s day.  And some students, like Shepherd, are content with this.  “Honestly, some things in books help me in my English homework; they give me an idea of what people like to read.  Also, literacy helps me apply things in the real world.”

-Liz Shepherd
TVHS Class of 2014

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