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Friday, February 21, 2014

Spanish II Students Present Bullfighting Speeches

               For the past couple of weeks, students in Mr. Kristopher Walker’s and Mrs. Noemi Malagon’s Spanish II classes have worked on a bullfighting project.  This form of entertainment, which is popular in countries such as Spain and Mexico, has both positive and negative qualities.  Some may see it as the cruel torture and murder of a defenseless animal.  But, others believe that bullfighting is a major tourist attraction that shouldn’t be destroyed.  Spanish II students have taken their opinion, whether it be for or against bullfighting, and created a campaign project.
               As a part of Project Based Learning, the students were each assigned a specific task for the project.  The positions for the bullfighting project were:
Speaker/Candidate: presents opinion to the audience
Group Leader: supports speaker; keeps group on task
Speech Writer: creates speech for speaker 
Marketing Publisher: makes posters, announcements, etc. for speaker
        Each speaker presented their speech to an audience on February 19th.  Then, all audience members were asked to vote for their three favorite speeches.  The votes were all tallied up, and the winners for each class period were as follows:
Period 1-Mr. Walker
1st Place:   Amber Mikel
2nd Place:  Katie Gunter
3rd Place: Whitney Haneline

Period 3-Mrs. Malagon
1st Place: John Salmon
2nd Place: Katherine Nolan
3rd Place: Harrison Sponseller

Period 3-Mr. Walker
1st Place: Kaitlyn Ott
2nd Place: Brandon Lozano
3rd Place: Rafael Jimenez

               All in all, the bullfighting project is one of Tippecanoe Valley High School’s biggest activities connected to PBL.  

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