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Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Class: Political Studies-Part Two

               Seniors in the Political Studies class at Tippecanoe Valley High have entered their second semester of YEA.  During the first part of the class, students came up with an idea for a unique business, and began working on business plans.  The businesses range from children’s educational games to new devices for every-day items such as lockers and automobiles.  Now, with a scholarship and a trip to Florida on the line, the students are wrapping up business plans and venturing out to create their businesses/services.
               Even though Political Studies consists of Government, Economics, and English, the students meet with their YEA! leaders and mentors every Tuesday.  Several community members have dedicated their time and knowledge to helping the students with their business projects.  They give advice on the business plans and suggest ideas for developing the companies.  Senior Cyndi Stamberger, a student in the Political Studies, appreciates the mentors’ help, saying that “they have a lot of life experience and they know what they’re talking about.” 
               Many of the students in Mr. Jeff Shriver’s and Mrs. Melanie’s Mason Political Studies class have great ideas, but only one group will be declared the winner.  The prize: a trip to Florida and a chance to earn a college scholarship.  “I’d really love to win and go to Florida!” Stamberger said.  “I am working with Alicia Carnes, and we are creating a bra with a pocket in it.  It is more convenient for women since most of the outfits we [women] wear don’t have pockets.”  Even though both Carnes and Stamberger are confident in their business, they have both learned that “bras are really difficult to work with.” 

               All in all, the Political Studies class has progressed smoothly with their business plans/projects.  A winner of the project will be announced in May, and the victorious group will present their business plan in Florida.  A final update on this story will be released after the winner’s trip.

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