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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tippecanoe Valley: Giving Back

               Throughout the past, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation has given back to the community tremendously.  But in the 2013-2014 school year, Valley has helped out in several projects, such as cleaning up damage from November’s tornadoes, having a fundraiser for a family after the loss of a loved one, and participating in a toy drive.  All of the schools have helped the surrounding community in many ways; whether a cake raffle or a community service day, Valley’s students know what it means to serve the community.
               As mentioned in a previous post, November tornadoes destroyed several farms within the community, leaving a mess of debris behind.  But, with the help of students from Mrs. Paxton’s agriculture classes and community members, the destruction was cleaned up within a matter of hours.  Without their help, it would have taken much longer for the affected families to repair buildings and pick up debris.
               Also, near the end of 2013, a Tippecanoe Valley student lost a family member after a tragic accident.  In order to help the family, one of the student’s friends, sophomore Monica Hatfield, set up a fundraiser with Home Economics teacher Mrs. Deb Zawlocki.  For one school day, students could pay $1 to wear a hat, and $5 for both pajamas and a hat.  The money went to the student’s family.  When asked how it felt to help out a friend, Hatfield said, “It feels amazing to know I’m helping someone.  Especially when it’s for a friend who needs me.”
               Finally, Tippecanoe Valley High School students participated in a toy drive.  All toys were donated to two local charities, Toys for Tots and Helping Hands.  The week-long toy drive brought in more than 500 toys, with the winning classroom donating approximately 200 toys for kids around the community. 

               So, even though Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation might be just people growing up around cornfields and in small towns, it by far has one of the greatest communities around. 

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